Friday, October 23, 2009

Fox News is biased? Really? No kidding.*** UPDATED!!!!***

 So now, the Obama administration views FOX news as an enemy and not to be dealt with? Very good. That will probably kill FOX off, right? WRONG! FOX is the most watched news network and a couple of their news analysis shows are among the highest rated on all of cable. Ripping and attacking FOX is only going to make those on the fence more curious about the network and actually encourage them to tune in.

In all fairness (and balance), if I watch cable news, I watch FOX. Do I believe FOX is biased to the right. Of course I do. Anyone who thinks their news analysis is not skewed towards conservatives, well, you are kidding yourselves. But I don't see anything wrong with that. There is a market for it. MSNBC unabashedly goes after liberal viewers by having Keith Olbermann and his twin brother Rachel Maddow fall over themselves kissing Obama's ass every night. And, put that together with Chris Matthews getting a tingling feeling in his leg when he hears Obama speak and you have what I would call a pretty damned Obama favoring network. Hell, MSNBC actually had a news analysis TV host(Olbermann)covering the conventions. Not news people, like Brian Williams or Sheppard Smith,they had the former host of Sports Center doing it. So, the obvious question is,with me being conservative,do I have a problem with that? No.

CNN  leans to the left. What does it matter? Almost all of the right or left of it all is coming directly from their news analysis, not the reporting. I've never noticed the actual reporting of a news story on any of the cable news networks to be biased. Sure, maybe each network cherry picks what they want to cover. But, if Obama is favored at 60% and everyone knows it, would it serve FOX to say that he's at 30%? No, they would not be able to be taken seriously.

Really, what we are talking about is news analysis. Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, and those guys are paid to get ratings. They are paid to push their biases and tell people how they should feel about or react to the news. They are not reporters. Why is it that some in the Obama administration do not want to talk to FOX or be involved with them, but at the same time, they say we need to engage our enemies (Iran, South Korea) and hold a dialogue? It's OK to possibly sit down and talk with the Taliban (which isn't even an elected political party), but not with FOX news? Where is the common sense in that?

And, for the record, I gained quite a bit of respect for Barak Obama when he went on Bill O'Reilly's show last fall. It was a good move. It showed that he wasn't going to wave off an entire segment of the population. O'Reilly grilled him and Obama was up for it. I really don't believe that Obama has some hard on for FOX.(looks like I missed the boat on that one)  I believe it's some on his advisory staff. Obama has done the right thing by distancing himself from this. But, he really should direct his staff to shut up. Why alienate people who like FOX and have an open mind on politics (like myself)? It's foolish. FOX does not pander to Obama. MSNBC did not pander to Bush. It's the way it is....get over's no big deal.

Media denies Obama's attempt to exclude FOX news....

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