Friday, March 9, 2012

5 Great Songs!

 These are songs I love and consider to be indisposable to my life. At different times all these songs penetrated my soul and meant something (like a bookmark) to the time I was in. Each song on this list had a time when I listened to them over and over and over and again. I've had 43 years of experience to draw on, with a father who was a music lover and didn't intentionally expanded my horizons on music, though he did. I don't like to put music in a genre unless I'm explaining it to someone. Like Lupe Fiasco said (paraphrasing), good music is good music and there isn't any value in not recognizing that. So, the songs are diverse. Hopefully someone will have enough curiosity to dig into a few of these and feel the way I do about them or enjoy them in a unique way.

I have a list of 25 on my Facebook page from awhile back;

You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma:  David Frizell & Shelley West

Just a beautiful song about pining for a love that just isn't practical. Interests, goals, and drive often are put on the shelf for love. In this song, love is put aside for the pursuit of the life each of the "characters" wants to live. It's sweet and sad at the same time. This is one of those songs that I've played thousands of times and never get tired of hearing. From my money, there have been few country songs that I consider better than this one. 

Head Over Heels:  Tears For Fears

This song still reminds me of the first person I was ever in love with (and there have only been two). We were great friends, but I never would push on taking it further, as the chances of rejection stood at just over 110%. :-) Every time I hear it, I have to stop and listen. It puts me in a state of mind and takes me back to being 17 or 18 and not really having a clue about what was going on or where I was going. Really scared. 20+ years later, there are still aspects of that in my life. This song also provides the music for a great movie scene (one of my all-time favorites) from Donnie Darko. 

Hello, It's Me:  Todd Rundgren

One of the most well crafted pop songs ever. Something we often overlook......loving someone, but wanting to change them. Real love and care comes from allowing others to be who they are, whether it gives you what you want or not. If you fall in love with someone or something, why would you want to change and confine it? 

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season:  Jimmy Buffett

Living the fucking dream. I guess he could be considered to be doing that now....especially with all the money. But songs like this make me understand that simple living can sometimes bring out a persons best art. "feeling tired and I got inspired, I knew that it wouldn't last long". I know that feeling. One of the songs of my early memory. Playing with my Star Wars toys in the living room while mom or dad had this record on (A-1-A). Since then I've bought this record, cassette, and CD. I have all the hardware covered!! 

Windfall: Son Volt

I'm not crazy about exposing someone to a song for the first time, that is performed live. But this has a lot of soul to it and singer Jay Farrar sounds like he means it! It's not fake and it's not studio dressed. It's real. Like Dylan or Neil Young.Out on the road, driving through the night, and exploring your mind and finding a "truer sound" on AM radio and having that take you to heaven, if only briefly.A very relaxing tune that has it's greatest value through headphones with Al Green pulsating in your mind and being.