Friday, May 6, 2011

Ron Paul: 1st Republican Debate

I've decided that if there is any candidate I can back in the 2012 election for president, it will be Ron Paul. Paul is the only candidate (maybe the only national politician), who wants strict adherence to the Constitution of the United States. I wish more people would take him seriously. Does he sound like a kook? Yeah, if you compare him to the other cookie cutter politicians who will say and do anything to curry favor with corporate America, so they can rake in campaign funds or further their own status. 

It's time we stopped letting politicians act like it's THEIR country and the rest of us have no say. They say they represent us, but how many of us out here really feel like what Bush or Obama have done over the past 10 years came from a place in their heart where they really just wanted what was best for the citizens of this country? 

The federal government has over stepped it's authority. They place so many rules and regulations on business that the small business' we need find it hard to flourish, while the large corporations just uproot and move. I'm not in favor of total deregulation, but the owners of smaller companies really need to have some wiggle room in regards to how they run their business. Corporations have purposefully take jobs out of this country. It has created an atmosphere that is of almost total benefit to the company, with very little given back to the worker. They have taken jobs out of this country and it has created fear amongst us in the work force. We'll take almost any type of paying job now, because we fear having no income at all. More and more benefits get taken from the work force, while most large corporations are still raking in dough and many of them are seeing record profits. Thing is.....our federal government has allowed it to happen. We have tax breaks in place for some companies to send jobs to other countries!!! Believe it.....or not. 



We need to consider a drastic change in leadership. If you want to learn more about Ron Paul and what he proposes, just click on the link below. It highlights his answers at the South Carolina Republican debate.


We don't need more Obama and we sure the hell don't need Romney, Gingrich or Palin. We need leadership that is not in the pocket of major corporations. We need leadership that will not continue our addiction to military imperialism. A trillion dollars a year in military spending.......700 military bases around the globe..........and we have people hungry and homeless in our country. The greatest country in the world has children going to bed hungry? Really????   Why are we allowing this?

It's time to end all the partisan bullshit. We just keep getting worse and worse off. It's time to put the American people first. Bring back manufacturing jobs and it will bring back prosperity. If a corporation doesn't want to bring jobs back, then don't let them sell goods in the USA, unless they are taxed enough to help with the damage they cause. We talk about buying American made goods. We talk about supporting American workers. Yet, our government let's American companies move jobs overseas, get tax breaks to do it, and then they bring the goods back here and sell them to us. Wow!!!!!!! What a scam!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Checking In With Myself

I haven't written anything in awhile. That sort of bothers me. I really just haven't had anything on my mind that I felt like anyone would care to read about. Life is sort of just rolling along. Not very many ups.....not too many downs. 

A few random things;

1) Well, Bin Laden is finally dead. Good riddance. 

2) The new Beastie Boys albums is out. And I'm enjoying it. 

3) If the economy is recovering.....we aren't seeing it at work.

4) I've become an ordained minister or whatever the hell you wanna call it. 

5) And #4 alone should be enough to rattle my cage. But it hasn't. Because I still don't believe in religion.

6) It's obvious there isn't going to be any real choice for president in a couple of years. Get used to Obama and if the Republican answer is Palin, Romney, or Gingrich..........I'll take Obama for another 4 please. 

7) Wish I wrote more, but it simply hasn't been striking me very much lately. Starting to think I may be bi-polar.....not severely, but enough to explain my moods and actions. 

8) I still say being outside is overrated. So, I love all the rain we've been getting. 

Alright.....that's it. Maybe I'll have some more soon. Just writing this is at least a step in the right direction. So for all of you (none of you) who wait on the edge of your seat for my next can get up and get yourself a soda or take a won't miss anything.