Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something You Should Know: Part 1

Just thinking about some things while working yesterday. Have you ever heard someone say something that you knew was wrong or heard a person use a word incorrectly and just didn't have the heart to say something about it? I almost get embarrassed FOR those people. Not that they are necessarily dumb, it's just that they have went their entire lives with everyone just nodding and not saying a thing to them when they so blatantly bungle up a word, phrase, or fact.

So, here is part one (not sure there will be a part two, so we'll see) of a list of things that you should know. Even if it's just to start a conversation (or to keep a dying one going).

  • It's lose, not loose. The Yankees did not "loose" a game. Cubs lose, Cubs lose!!!!
  • The water on the west side of our continent is the Pacific Ocean. Not the "specific" ocean.
  • Charlie Chaplin once came in third in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest. Just a fun fact for you.
  • The most commonly misspelled word on internet search engines is "restaurant". So if you need to write that word on a job application or resume', make sure you have it right.
  • Karl Marx was not the "lost" brother. He was no close relation to Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Gummo, or Groucho.
  • The word is "especially" not "expecially" or "ecspecially". That's a common mistake and a dead give away that you have not gotten a grip on the language yet.
  • Benjamin Franklin was not a president.
  • You can't get a cold from getting wet or being cold.
  • Finally, chickens really don't make good house pets. I think the reasons are obvious.

And as someone very famous said once (or thousands of times) ".....good day."

" learns to crawl, watching daddy's skin.."

"Baby Learns To Crawl"---Paul Westerberg


  1. For addition to part 2, "supposably". Please, get it out there before I lose my mind. Also, I heard an accountant referred to as a taxidermist a few weeks ago. Gotta love the car wash.

  2. Noone in my favorite. I always like to reply with a Peter Noone remark.

    Josh you mean car warsh.

  3. please address punctuation have you ever attempted to read something longer than a line or two in which no punctuation was utilized it makes things a little difficult to interpret are they being serious sarcastic or just plain ignorant my favorite is when people make a statement unsure of the accuracy and stick a question mark on the end just be cause you don't know doesn't make it a question

    man that was hard. can't tell you how many times i had to backspace commas!!!

  4. In your first paragraph, it should be "they have gone" not "they have went." :P)

  5. LOL, thanks for not calling me the grammar police! I just couldn't resist, considering the topic and all ;)