Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get 'em Tiger!!

All this Tiger Woods stuff is amazing. I'm not sure why I'm amazed, but I am. The media runs wild with any kind of dirt they can get their hands on regarding celebrities in our country. The feeding frenzy is just shy of the circus that surrounded the death of Michal Jackson.

Almost any time you read about something insane happening in the middle of the night, it's going to be bad for the celebrity involved. Crash your car into a tree, in front of your own home, at a speed of 25 mph? Your wife is trying to "free" you from your vehicle by smashing the windows out with a golf club? Sounds more like Tiger was trying to avoid being grabbed by the tail.

Woods is just another in a long line of men who can't seem to be satisfied by the family they have. They don't value commitment, because they feel they are above such things. When you are given the keys to life's Jaguar before you have to actually work to buy and feel good about earning a Pinto, you just can't build a true appreciation for what you have. It's all too easy and you never learn to have respect or to really care about those who love you.

Men like Tiger Woods don't really deserve (in some sort of cosmic or karma approach) what they have. They don't know how to treat their lives. They have never seen things from the other side. They want what they want when they want it without having to practice self discipline or to feel that tug on their heart that they may be hurting someone else with their selfish actions. If their is any justice, the air horn of life will start blowing every time he lines up a tournament winning putt. Up yours Tiger.........and by the way.....Mr. Ed wants his teeth back.

Where's that tiger where's that tiger where's that tiger where's that tiger
Hold that tiger hold that tiger hold that tiger hold that tiger
Hold him choke him kick him pokin'
"Tiger Rag"--Claude King


  1. Not sure I agree...there are plenty of people who come from nothing, have seen the other side well, and when they get the keys to life's "jaguar" promptly drive it into the proverbial tree just the same. Says more about us a species than any specific one of us...

    But I agree on the ridiculous nature of the media frenzy surrounding the car into the tree...especially when it is a celebrity behind the wheel.

    But then again, we are the ones who really can't get enough...without us turning on the channel and spreading the news amongst ourselves the media would be talking to themselves.

  2. Hey Junky, Farmdude here. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and am amazed at how similar our views are about life. Especially considering that we didn't start out on the best foot.

  3. Freddy, I have to compliment you on a great take on the entire issue. Yes, we enable them to be famous and, yes, we enable them to think they are better than us and not prone to the same morals and ethics. It is a huge statement and one which fits all kinds of places. We also love watching them fail, too, the reverse side of all that, build em up, tear em down.

    But you nailed it - in the end, when they're breathing air and peeing like us, the dreaded real life stuff hits the fan. Then they are worse off than us, which is interesting.

  4. Good point Steve. When we make mistakes and do stupid, careless things, we really only have to deal with friends and family. When a big "star" does it, EVERYONE knows. They have reporters hiding out in the bushes. They get discussed on TV and villified beyond belief (even if it's deserved) by the media in general. I guess that comes with the territory though. They make lots of money and are high profile, it's only natural that every facet of their life become that way, whether it really should or not. FREDDY