Sunday, March 21, 2010

The NCAA Tournament

I'm a lifelong Louisville Cardinals fan. I rooted for the Kentucky Wildcats too for awhile in my youth. Living in the area I do (Louisville, Ky) almost forces one to follow college basketball. My favorite sport has always been baseball, but there is something about the NCAA basketball tournament that gets me interested in more than just the local teams. That's true for a large multitude of people, all around the country, I assume. 

What has been dubbed "bracketology" has now become a tremendous part of sports culture. People who would very loosely call themselves sports fans, even get interested enough to take a shot at predicting how the tournament will play out. College basketball has something special going on and I hope they don't water it down by going to 96 teams from the current 64 (or 65 if you count the play-in game). This time of year gives teams that are pretty far down the pecking order in basketballs elite a chance at having a legend making performance. Northern Iowa, for example, has made their mark on basketball history by knocking off the top seeded Kansas Jayhawks in the second round this season. Northern Iowa may not make the tournament again for 10 years, but this is a win that will be talked about for decades!

My Cardinals bowed out early, as I expected they would. So, I really don't have much of a rooting interest in the tournament any longer, but I believe the best teams remaining are Kentucky, Duke, West Virginia, and Kansas State. With Kansas out of the way, I think Tennessee may have a real shot at getting to the Final Four. Enjoy the rest of the tournament and may your brackets remain steady and true!  

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