Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Some Stuff I Wrote

Alright. In a good frame of mind to write.....I think. 

Kind of random, but here it goes;

I actually shamed myself back on to Facebook. I decided to quit doing Facebook a few weeks back and nobody noticed I'm sure. I only have 100 "friends". But I made that decision to quit spending time on it. So, 7 or 8 days go by and for some reason I check to see if it's deleted. Not knowing that if you put your log in information in, it reactivates. So, I check status' and find out that a friend of mine's father died. I know he really loved his dad and I had met the man a couple of times. I had no idea and was days late sending my condolences and not getting to attend the visitation (which I'm admittedly bad about....not a funeral home guy). I felt awful about that. What if a friend that I hadn't seen for awhile died? How would I know? Facebook. What if one of my cousins croaked? I wouldn't could I? Facebook. So I told myself I would start checking it again every day. I don't mess with it as much as I used to, but I get to see what people are doing in their lives. And, now I can know when they die. 

You know what? It kind of sucks that Hitler doesn't know that he sucked and is still hated decades later and was a boil on the ass of humanity. He's dead. Slips into the same void as everyone he promoted the execution of. Kind of pisses me off, but whattaya gonna do?

"Tuesday Afternoon" by the Moody Blues is a great song. 

If I have to choose between Obama and Romney, I'm staying home again. 

Sweet tea is pretty damned awesome. 

I don't know who the starting players are for most of the teams in MLB.

It doesn't bother me that UK won the basketball title. Louisville went to the Final Four. Whattuh my gonna bitch about?

Alright then. 

"Summer breeze, makes me feel fine."
Seals & Croft


  1. That is the most amazing writing I have ever read!
    ~ Freddy's Mom

  2. Rough crowd! :-) I thought about making an album. I'd sell it for $1 million a copy. I'd only have to sell one copy to have it made. Just one.

  3. Pretty good and btw I noticed you hadn't been on Facebook and asked Nancy why you hadn't.