Saturday, June 2, 2012

Favorite Things....For Today At Least!

I like using my blog to write about things I really enjoy. It's fun to share with others. I also have written about things that aggravate me and stuff I consider to be funny. The house has slept in this morning, so I don't really have anything to do right now other than write something. I think I'll use this blog to do a "favorite things" list. And that list will likely be different than one I would have done two days ago or that I will do two days from now. I change what I consider to be my favorites as my moods or thought processes change. So take any of this with a grain of salt. My goal with this is to just write and to hopefully share a few things that some of you may take an interest in and check out. 

My Favorite Movies

Almost Famous : I love music and this has so much about my favorite era of music sprinkled throughout it that I totally relate to how Cameron Crowe must have felt while he was living through the "hey day" of rock n roll!

Field of Dreams: I don't watch it as often as I used to, but I can't get over how good the movie makes me feel. There is an innocence and magic to it that touches the part of me that still holds youthful memory. It sucks that we can't go back and experience long forgotten feelings and reconnect with people.

The Godfather Part II


The Empire Strikes Back

It's A Wonderful Life


The Big Lebowski

My Favorite Bands/Musicians
(I can't help but notice that my favorites were/are trend setters or system shakers)

The Replacements : They were an alternative band back when alternative music was not what you heard on mainstream radio. The minute music is played on commercial radio, it ceases to be alternative by definition. They were loose. Their music was relevant to their age. They were real. 

The Beatles

Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

My Morning Jacket : They have an amazing sound that continues to evolve with each record they make. They also kick ass live. 

The Beastie Boys

Waylon Jennings

My Favorite TV Shows

Arrested Development : One of the most consistently funny and witty shows I have ever watched. It only lasted three seasons, but it was truly great. 

The Sopranos

The Office

Starsky & Hutch

Six Feet Under

Party Down : Most people have never heard of this one, but it's great. Lots of star power and a show that turned the eye of Hollywood (no not the stars in Hollywood, but the wannabe stars in Hollywood) back on itself at a low level. Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr.....just a great cast.

WKRP in Cincinnati : Another show that wasn't just dumb comedy. It had a spirit and it made me want to be on the radio. Fortunately I got to do that for awhile. 

My Favorite Sports Teams

2004 Boston Red Sox : That was the last season that I really, really loved baseball on a level that was close to the way I did as a kid. 

1985-86 Louisville Cardinal Basketball Team : It was the first year I started going to games at Freedom Hall and I really got in to it. It was also at that point that I stopped paying much attention to UK. Other than Larry B, most people made me feel weird about trying to like all the area teams. 

1996-97 Louisville Cardinal Basketball Team : This team overachieved and I loved watching DeJuan Wheat play basketball. 

1992 Dallas Cowboys : Great, great football team. They rolled through the play-offs. I thought their reign would last forever!

1983-84 Kentucky Wildcat Basketball Team : The last UK team I was really, really pulling for. Jim Master and Sam Bowie were favorites. A very tough loss to Georgetown. 

2006 Louisville Cardinal Football Team : A fantastic year. Not just for the football, which was awesome, but I hung out with B, Joe, Chris, Matt, Josh and my tailgating buddies. It didn't hurt that I got to go to Miami!!!
(adding this video I made following the season)
Louisville Football 2006

1990 Cincinnati Reds : Another fun team to watch. Not a bunch of All-Stars, but just really good baseball players. Larkin, Davis, O'Neill, Browning, Sabo.....really enjoyed watching that team!

That's all I got for this morning. I'll do better next time. Unless I don't! 

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things 

"My Favorite Things" - Julie Andrews


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