Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Request: Try Not To Be A Douchebag

I am the type of person who likes to spend some time at the movies, a ball game, or a concert. It's getting harder and harder to do these days though. I still enjoy those things, in and of themselves, but some of the people at these events are well....for lack of a better term....ummm....douchebags. 

You know the type. Hell, you may even be one and not know it! That's why I do what I help. Seriously now, when a person goes out to enjoy a concert, do you think they want to hear the music or do you think they want to hear you trying to talk over the music? When a person goes to the movies, do you think they want to concentrate on the movie, or do they want to be distracted by you texting or talking? You know the answers. 

I went to the Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville last weekend and had a pretty good time at the three day event. Friday was the best atmosphere, although the bands I really was pumped up to see where playing on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, the best crowd of the three days was on Friday. A lot of younger people who were there for the music, not to be seen, heard, or to "get their drink on". They had a good time, dancing and frolicking around and never let themselves get in the way of other people's enjoyment. It truly was a connective experience for me. 

Saturday was a different story. I have to give some lead way with this, because My Morning Jacket was headlining and they are a very popular band and they are from the Louisville area. I expected there would be some people who would be there just to see them. All well and fine, but what I didn't expect was that a large portion of these people were there just to be there. Just to say they were at the My Morning Jacket show. Or they were there because they had nothing else to do on a Saturday night. That doesn't make those people douchebags, but the fact that many of them were actually in the heart of the crowd (right among the music lovers) trying to talk over the band, trying to look cute and shooting eye rolling glances at those trying to enjoy the music, does make them douchebags. And not just for a moment....but for the entire show. They were there to be there, to be seen, and to drink. Not one incident on Friday. Saturday, people struggling to walk, bumping into people and acting all alpha-male gorilla.....a gawdammed shameful site. Sunday started out OK, but the douchebag ratio climbed as the day wore on. I started seeing all the "popped collars", backwards caps, Oakley's, UK and UL shirts (because god forbid we leave that behind for a fucking day, right?), fake tans, and wife beaters. And while we are at it...hey, UK fans...there is no need to keep chanting "C A T S Cats" over and over. We already saw your hat, shirt, tattoo, and belt buckle....we get it, you like UK....get the fuck over it, you are at a music festival and nobody gives a shit. NOBODY. 

Here's the thing; if you are going to go out to these events, try to be respectful of your surroundings. If you want to have a conversation, move to the back and have it so you don't interrupt someone else's enjoyment. If you want to get drunk, well, OK....but it doesn't give you the right to slam into people and act like an asshole. I know that's a shock to some people, but being drunk isn't a good excuse to be a dick or a douchebag or a bitch. When you are at the movies, turn off your damn phone or go home and rent a DVD. People pay money to try to enjoy these things and you are not the fucking show. Sorry, I don't care if you are a blonde with double D cup melon breasts and pretty blue eyes....if you are drunk and yapping while others are trying to enjoy themselves, you are a selfish bitch, no matter how many guys want to get in your sweaty shorts. 

In closing, here's what I'm trying to say; be self aware and don't be THAT guy/girl and don't involve yourself in douchebaggery. You are better than that, aren't you?

And, if you want to know whether or not you are a doucebag or want to be able to spot them, here's a little help.

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