Monday, January 14, 2013

No Red Meat For A Month! Can I Do It?

I have decided that on January 15th, I will start an attempt to not eat a single morsel of red meat until at least February 15th. One month without red meat. That would be a first for me, at least since the time I had power over such decisions. At one time my cholesterol was a robust 370 and with medicine I got it down to the mid 200's. I have since stopped taking medication (it made me feel terrible) and I'm pretty sure my numbers are probably out of control. 

Since I do not currently have insurance to go have myself check out, I will start to deal with my health by curbing my diet away from the things that harm me most. 

If I pull this off, sweets will the next item on the agenda and then I may foray into the area of eating certain kinds of foods to try and develop a taste for them. I have been asked by a friend to document my thoughts on how I'm doing and feeling as this progresses. I will do so as the situation merits it. 

Wish me luck! It's all a part of "Keep Freddy Alive Until He's 50" campaign!

UPDATE #1 (1/17)
Well at midnight I'm three full days into it. I've not had an honest to goodness craving yet. Been eating chicken and fish. Maybe this won't be so hard?

UPDATE #2 (1/22)
So, maybe this is not going to be as hard as I thought. One week down with three to go and I don't miss red meat at all. No cravings at all for it. Substituted chicken on my pizza and that has worked out well. 

UPDATE #3 (1/28)
Nothing to report. I've not eaten any red meat or had any episodes of hysteria where I went ape shit and knocked down a couple of double quarter pounders....yet. I can say this. Two weeks in and the joint pain in my knees and shoulder have subsided. Not saying it's directly because of the no red meat pledge, but it's an interesting coincidence. I've had that stiffness and pain for several months and now it's gone. Hmmmm......

UPDATE #4 (2/7)
This has been about a boring ass self-imposed event. I'm truly glad that the joint pain in my shoulder and knee are gone, but this hasn't been much of a chore. I have 7 days left and I can't see those being a problem. I haven't had any craving. I haven't missed it really. The other night we were gonna get pizza and I thought it would be nice to get an all-meat artery clogger, but didn't want to blow what I had going on. So, I just got bread sticks. Trying to figure out what I may try to cut back on or out next. 

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