Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some Musings....

I don't have much to say these days, so I've pretty much given up on writing. It feels like self-indulgence most of the time anyhow, but to keep up the charade, I wanted to put a few things down. If you want to read on, do so....but at your own risk. You have been warned. I'm feeling a bit "saucy" today, or old and can choose.   

Duck Dynasty

I prefer to refer to it (if only in my mind) as "Dumb Fuck Dynasty". If you watch it, good for you, but seriously, isn't there something on that you could learn from? Maybe pick up a book? I do get the fascination with hicks, idiots, bad mothers, skanks, and "guido" types, because they are so ridiculous that they are amusing. For any of these shows to last more than a year or so just reveals how pathetic and empty we have become when engaging our entertainment. I'm proud to say I have NEVER watched a minute of the Dick Dynasty. So how can I judge it? By listening to the people that watch hours of it. By the way, I have no problem with what that dude said about gay and black folks or marrying a 15 year old. I like the stupid to reveal themselves. It's their right as Americans to say things that they believe, influence others and hold society at large back. It's also everyone else's right to tell him he's a moron or stop watching the show. Don't censor these people.....leave them on the air!


The state of pop music is pretty sad. Between boy bands and untalented Disney bitches you just can't find anything on the radio that is worth listening to. Oh, I guess I could turn it on the country station and listen to songs about pickup trucks, dirt roads, and fucking plastic cups, but that doesn't really take me up a rung on the ladder does it? Oh, and what's the deal with Miley Cyrus' tongue? Put that thing back in your head already you ugly little troll. She's built like a 14  year old Asian boy, but insists on running around in "clothing" that would be better suited on a real woman. At least Madonna has talent. 


They don't just cover the sports news, they make it! Between their scheduling games at 9 or after on week nights and causing all of this conference upheaval, I don't have much to care about on that network any longer, unless it's a Louisville game. For all the greatness they have brought over the years, they have just about equaled it in how terrible they  have been for sports. They have turned sports into a highlight competition and pretty much control college athletics now. The NCAA is filthy with ESPN money and it's been to the detriment of college athletics. It's not about the students or the's about the money. Don't forget that. 


I've gone from Christian to atheist to agnostic to spiritual seeker and have finally settled on this;
Ehh....I don't really give a shit. If there is a god; great. If there isn't a god; great. I don't really care. Atheists that gather for meetings and try to convert people are every bit as annoying as the religious zealots. I'm very much in favor of personal religion. It can be a positive thing. Just don't think that what works for you will work for everyone. Not everyone needs Jesus to live a good life. If I hear "What keeps you from raping, stealing, and killing if you don't have Jesus?" one more time I think I will claw someone's eyes out and respond "Nothing, I guess." Seriously if you need to believe in Jesus to keep from hurting others, you need to stick with it. It tells me a lot about a person when they say stupid shit like in...."this person is potentially dangerous".

Stand Up Comedy

OK, something positive! We are in a new golden age of comedy, even if you can't see it in the mainstream. Comics like Louis CK, Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope, Joe Rogan, and Jim Jeffries (among others) are just killing it these days. Get on You Tube or Netflix and find some specials by these guys or Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron, Daniel Tosh, or Tom Papa. You will get a ton of laughs consistently. Our culture is ripe for ridicule and these guys take it on from all sides. 

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