Thursday, August 27, 2009

We Ain't Been To No Damned Moon! ***UPDATED*** 10/24/09

UPDATED 10/24/09
*OK, apparently, Stanley Kubrick (director of The Shining, 2001, Eyes Wide Shut, etc) was in on the moon landing conspiracy. Here's a link;
Kubrick: The Shining Tells About Fake Moon Landing 

OK, who is buying this garbage that we have been to the moon? Or even better Mars??? Come on, are you kidding me? NASA and the government can reel all you lemmings in, but I am not falling for it. There are many people who have questioned the moon landing over the years, but I don't really need the Cape Canaveral janitorial staff, circa 1969, swearing on the Bible, that we really flew up there. All I need is to look at the technology that surrounds us.
You are going to tell me that we've been to the moon when my satellite TV cuts out every time it rains? Yeah, right. If we can land on the moon, then 40 years later there is no excuse for me having to miss 20 minutes of "Buffy" because of a rain shower! For crying out loud, I picked up a book the other night. A book!!!
And I know you guys got to see the beautiful high def pictures that came back from the Mars Rover, right? That's another hoodwink perpetrated by Uncle Sam. Sure, we can send crystal clear pictures back to earth from millions of miles. Hell, I can't even call Domino's, which is 2 miles up the road, without dropping the call. I have a Black Berry. I have AT & T. Yet, if I'm within 15 yards of a Pepsi can, I get fuzzy reception.
The American people can keep drinking the Kool-Aid.....I'm gonna go have my favorite bourbon over ice and play with my Neil Armstrong doll......errrrr.....action figure.
"Mars ain't the kind of place to raise a kid. In fact, it's cold as hell."
"Rocket Man"---Elton John


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