Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bigotry, a thing of the past?

I don't have a great deal of anything to say today. But, I do want to address something I heard this afternoon. A person said, "I don't like all that black and white, mixed dating. It ain't right." So, of course, I say "What's not right about it, and why does it matter to you?" The reply was, "I don't have a reason, I just don't think it's right." And so, there's that.
Are we a racist country overall? No, certainly not. Do too many people bring up race every time that there is trouble involving a minority? Yes. There are certain instances where race does play a role in folks being wronged, excluded, or held back. But, we have a black president, so it's not as if we live in Nazi Germany. All that said, there is still plenty of bigotry.
You would think that something as simple as interracial dating wouldn't phase anyone or bring out negative emotions, but there are still plenty of people who have a problem with it. Same thing with homosexuals. It's not my choice (or born mindset), but I don't have a problem with it. Hell, I don't have a problem with civil unions (and that's another topic I'll explore later). Try being the ONLY person in a Sunday school class with that opinion and expressing it openly (not that I got any grief for it, just a little uncomfortable)!
We are on this earth for too short a time to be bothered by such things. We all have our prejudices....that's just human nature. People fear or distance themselves (in general) from things that are different or out of their comfort zone. But we should challenge ourselves from time to time. Challenge our minds to get to the core of the problem we have that really has nothing to do with our lives, our happiness, our way of life. Once you discover that there is no real reason behind a prejudice you may have, it will be easier to let it go. The more of us that can honestly stop disliking the harmless behavior of others, the less we'll have to worry about. Who really wants to stand in the way of someone else's happiness?
I know, not very witty or funny today (if I ever am), just something I thought needed to be said.
"I said, if you're thinking of being my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white"
Black or White---Michael Jackson


  1. I got the same response in my Sunday school class. I don`t mind what your sexual preference is, as long as you leave me out of it. My wife and I are foster parents, and we have looked into adopting interracial kids. Not for that reason, just because they up for adoption. We received several negative comments about this also. I was asked what I would do if I received funny looks, I don`t care about that stuff. I just want to be happy, and hope everyone else can find their happiness in their journey.

  2. I tell you what - if you are in a foxhole in Viet Nam or Afghanistan - suddenly your racial fears disappear. This guy - no matter if he is Navajo, Chinese-American, homosexual or black - has just become your best friend and Mom and Dad, all at once.

    I wonder why that is?

    The whole enterpise is ridiculous. Legislating love is just as stupid as trying to stop it anywhere else. A sign of maturity is allowing others to live their lives. Lord knows our own lives are hard enough and we still manage to screw them up. Who the hell are we - experts? - at determining how other human beings (let me say that gain - human beings) live their lives.