Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time for me to NOT pick on religion

I've been a bit tough on organized religion at times. But, right now, I feel the need to say some positive things. No, I have not gotten back on the wagon, but I do understand that those in religion can and do have a big impact on society.

Yeah, people like Pat Robertson piss me off. I used to be a fan. Watched his 700 Club and all that stuff, but really, his public words work against what he says he loves. Like it or not, Robertson and his ilk do speak for God. Now, they may not REALLY speak for him, but as far as the general population is concerned, they see Robertson as a man of faith and if he is a Christian and believes what he says, then that must mean that all Christians do. That's nonsense, but it's a case of perception being reality.

Enough talk of the "leadership" right now. Let's talk about the rank and file Christian or Muslim (or whatever) who do not have an agenda other than to live a good life and try to make the world a better place. They are people that walk the walk. You may be one of them. These people are in love with their Lord and are interested in not just helping themselves and their families, but others as well. They go out and work in soup kitchens. They donate to charity. They find families in need and help them. They give their time to those less fortunate. I hold people like that in pretty high esteem.

Just because I don't believe in any organized religion (or a messy one) doesn't mean I do not appreciate what the body of that religion can do. You don't have to be religious to be a giver and a helper, but we can all recognize that churches (especially local)can be a great asset in times of disaster and crisis.

The current situation in Haiti breaks my heart. Seeing children lying dead. Seeing mothers looking for their kids in the rubble. Seeing people trying to find loved ones, water, food, medical aide, and shelter. All those things are happening and it's tragic. But, help is there and more is on the way. Folks are overwhelmingly giving money and resources to help out and that deserves a moment of appreciation. Many churches are collecting money and supplies to send to the relief effort. Is it because they believe God would want them too? Probably, but it also reflects on them as human beings. Most people feel the need to help those that can't help themselves and whether it's Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, or just your good nature that is propelling the efforts, it makes no difference. So, when you are praying tonight or when you are just reflecting on the day, take a moment to think about those who are in need and those who are helping.

If you would like to donate money to help out the Haitian relief effort, this link will show you how;

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