Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things That You Just Have To Laugh At

I fancy myself as having a decent sense of humor. I enjoy a good laugh and have a great time entertaining others when I can. There are so many things in the world that I come into contact with daily that just makes me shake my head or laugh. I'm hoping that some of you entertain yourself in the same way I people watching and gawking at the ridiculousness that life can show us, especially when looking around on the 'net.

1) Line Beards: if you refer to my write up on douchebags, you'll find that a lot of young people with the line beards are kind of goofy and seem to believe they are cooler than thou. Not all line beards look bad.  But really, how can you take a person seriously that CHOOSES this look;

2) People that put ridiculous tattoos on themselves. Do they realize that some day, they will be over the age of 35 and then the spider and the skull won't be so cool anymore? And what about people having celebrities put on their body. The shelf life of the average "celebrity" in this country is about 48 hours. Don't expect anyone to be nostalgic about your Justin Bieber tattoo in 5 years.


3) Sometimes.....people are just goofy and they don't mind who knows it.


4) You ever see a car in some sort of weird wreck or odd place? Many times, I just can't figure out how in the hell something like these things happen.


5)  Ever seen someone reading, looking in the backseat, or putting on makeup while driving? I always get a kick out of that. Even though those idiots may be getting away with it now, their time is coming and the result will not be pretty, even with the make up.


6) Really, really bad sun burns crack me up! It's 2010, for crying out loud! I'm pretty sure you can buy sunblock at McDonalds. Or better yet, don't lay out in the sun so long that you start convincing people that you WANT to get skin cancer.


7) People who get so drunk in public that they can't control themselves is also a riot. If they piss themselves or throw up in a public place is a real bonus. I can't help but laugh at that scenario!



There are plenty of other stupid things to laugh at. Like someone ordering a biggie sized, double quarter pounder, and apple turnover and a diet soda. Everyone knows that the internet is full of stupid people. So, if you are ever down, having a bad day or just want to get a good laugh, do a google search and prepare to be amazed at the wonder you will find. Or, just go to a Wal-Mart, grab a soda and look around.

Everybody knows, that the world is full of stupid people
well I got the pistol, so I'll keep the pesos
yeah, that seems fair
Bandito's---The Refreshments

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