Friday, October 1, 2010

A Brief Chat With European Hoopster Nouha Diakite

 Former University of Louisville basketball player Nouha Diakite was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for me about where he's at and how he's doing.  Nouha is still playing ball and seems to be enjoying it. I added a couple of links at the bottom of the post, where you can see how he's doing and also follow him on Twitter. I love reading  his Twitter posts, as often he'll give you a glimpse of what playing pro ball in Europe is like. Again, I want to thank Nouha for taking the time to correspond with me for this brief e-interview.

FOM:  Nouha, tell the fans a little bit about where you are and have been playing basketball the past few years.

ND:  Since I left Louisville, I've been in Spain, the Czech Republic and for the most part in France, first and second divisions.

FOM:  How does it compare with life as a college basketball player at Louisville? 

ND:  Its totally different because in college you need to (do well) in class and study hall. When you playing pro, all you do is basketball and you have more pressure. Sometimes if your team doesn't get good results they can delay your salary, or in the worst case, don t pay you. But I never been in the last situation.

  FOM:  Do you see yourself as continuing to play professionally for quite some time, or is there another interest in your life that you are wanting to pursue?

ND:  Basketball is what I love the most and I will play until my body says stop to me.

FOM:  Do you continue to keep up friendships with your former teammates and coaches from your days at Louisville? (through phone calls, Twitter, Facebook, etc)

ND:  I'm still talking with (Alhaji) Mohammed and I'm following the others with Twitter and

FOM:  Being a professional basketball player takes quite a bit of hard work and time in the gym, not to mention traveling. Do you get the chance to watch Louisville play during the season?

ND:  It's hard to watch the games with the time difference. But I tried to watch one or two games and the tournament.

FOM:  I appreciate your time, Nouha.

ND:  Thank you for this interview and take care.

Nouha Diakite Highlights

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