Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

So it's come to this, has it? It's not bad enough that the poor are, well.....poor. We have to rub their noses in it and assume that they are all a bunch of junkies. But, let's test 'em all!!!

It does kind of sound good, doesn't it? It kind of feels good too! If my tax money is going to the poor, I don't want them using drugs! 

But, maybe I should stop and critically think. Perhaps I shouldn't just react to this because it FEELS right. There's a novel idea. I think I'll think this through for a minute and see where I stand.

First off, if an adult smokes pot and has a couple of kids, what happens to those kids when the food is cut off? What happens to those kids when the electricity is cut off? Are we prepared to sacrifice children who are already under the boot of society, because their parents like drugs? And I don't want to hear the argument that "they aren't taking care of their kids anyway" because you don't know that. It's like saying making fried chicken illegal would cause black people to starve. It's absurd, and stereotypical. 

Last time I checked with the local drug dealer, he didn't take food stamps. Maybe....probably....some do. So what? What are we supposed to do about that? If everyone on assistance had a "food card" and a photo ID, then there is no argument to be had here either. That money could not be spent on illegal products.....even if very much is now. 

Why do we have studies for EVERYTHING, but there are no hard numbers on how much government assistance is actually used to pay for drugs? If food stamps can be used for drugs, then it can also be used for cigarettes and alcohol. So, why are we not testing for nicotine and alcohol? Is it OK to use those drugs with money that isn't meant for it, but not for pot? 

Let me be clear. If a parent is using crystal meth or crack, they shouldn't have their kids in the first place. We'd be better off testing to see if they could care for or even keep their kids than testing to see if they kept their government aid.

We can't NERF the world. I've  heard a lot of people talk about how great this is, but why do the same people not demand that our politicians spend our tax money better? We are TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars in debt and we are worried that Joe Blow is spending 60 bucks on a quarter bag? Talk about tunnel vision!!! Ha Ha!!!

Let's call a spade a spade. People (and this may be you) who are worried about this issue and are really concerned about welfare recipients taking drugs are only concerned about the person getting benefits at all. You don't give the first fuck how they eat, live, or take care of their children. You care that they are somehow cheating the system. You don't like that they get to lie around in a concrete block building, already under the thumb of our modern society, do you? You think somehow these people are enjoying the good life? Get in your gawdammed car and drive through the projects and tell me just how great some of these people have it. Face it. YOU DO NOT CARE where their next meal or their kids next meal comes from. It's not your problem, right?

I can already see it. Some of you will be bitching and complaining about stores and houses getting broken into by these same people when they need to find money for their drugs or food for them or their children. What then? Put them in jail? And then, we can pay for their health care and housing at the tune of $40,000 a year. Boy.....we sure showed them, didn't we? And their children can become wards of the state, moving from foster home to foster home (which you don't give a shit about either) and be set up for potential abuse and then released into the "wild" at 18 with no real chance to live a normal life. 

Why not offer help, support, and love to people? This is going to hurt children. If pappy smokes a joint, but his kid goes to bed at night without a growling stomach, I'm OK with that. My money could and does go to worse bull shit. Like bailing out billion dollar banks or automakers. I guess giving billions to billionaires is OK. How about demanding our government not to give tax breaks to corporations that send jobs over seas. Yeah, you'll bitch about that and then run in to a Wal-Mart to grab a 21 gallon jar of pickles for 17 cents.

Perhaps some are too big to fail and others are too small to succeed.I want to ask some of you Christians who are on fire for this legislation a question. Who would Jesus feed? Did Jesus say, "Fuck The Poor"? Did Jesus set conditions, other than faith on your salvation? If we don't care about the poor, who will?

If you support government assistance being taken away from those who use drugs without any other conditions or leniency, there is no other way to say this than, you do not care about your fellow human being. It's all about you. So, up yours. And that comes from the bottom of my heart. A heart that would rather see people being helped in these tough times rather than being shit on by people who are eating all they want, when they want.Search your soul and look at other aspects of your life, our society, and how little opportunity there is for most ANYONE to rise above the level they are now. If you have a soul, and you have a heart, you just might find that compassion and love doesn't really come with conditions.

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