Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/X-mas....whatever

Alright. I'm not a big Christmas guy. But, in the spirit world of the holiday season, I thought I'd share some funny pictures I found related to the season. I'll be back with a real blog called "My Perfect World" pretty soon.




Everyone have a great holiday. Make certain you check your tree for squirrels and if your head is sewn to the carpet when you wake up on Christmas morning, be thankful Cousin Eddie isn't sleeping on your sofa.

"Simply having a wonderful Christmas time...."--- Paul McCartney


  1. OK, I liked them all until I got to the last one. It's called faith. Unless we have Faith, we only have to look forward to an end. I pray that there is no end. I hate to think that this is the only part. That's where I draw my faith from. I guess that I'm scared that this could be the only part of my existince. I keep the faith that there is a better place waiting for me after I leave this world. Maybe alot of us are wrong and maybe you are right, but it keeps us going, thinking we are not alone in this fear. I'm hoping for a beautiful beach with lots of margaritas & sunshine every day with no fear of melanoma!

  2. Well, that would be nice Jere', and I'm sincere in that statement. I'd really like to know that there are all these great things awaiting me when I die. But, there is too much telling me that there isn't. I choose to be happy here and now and not worry about what happens when I die. I'm pretty sure that NO person can know that until you draw that last breath.
    I understand faith. I was there for 30 years. But not anymore. Every religion promises great things in the afterlife (no sickness, rivers running with wine, sex, getting some of their family in on their good deeds...or martyrdom, reuniting with loved ones), and most preach oppression while we are alive. Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus, they are all just Santa's for grown ups in my opinion. Except if you don't live right (according to 2,000 year old scriptures), they won't give you a chance next year....they give you an eternity of hell, pain, and anguish.

  3. Yes, I do understand your point of view and believe you me I have thousands of questions that I would like to get answers to but I just have this feeling that this cannot be the only part of our existence. I don't believe in all the rivers of wine, or men virgins waiting for me when I die ( be nice but just seems like alot of work for me to teach them all they need to know, But I'd try) but I do believe it will be a sense of peace and happiness. I can't picture meeting up personally with all that have died before us but just a personal peace with my soul. I sure as hell am not going to strap a bomb on myself and blow myself up for anyone or being. I like myself too much for that. I'm sorta on the same line as you to enjoy your life now because it is the only one that you are going to get. Make the most happiness that you can every day because we don't know what tomorrow brings. That is why in 19 days my big boody is on a beach with beautiful sunshine (probably end up with melanoma) and a margarita in my right hand (liver disease) and a good book in the other! I love bantering with you. Always have...always will! Jere'

  4. Hey, the beach is a nice place to spend your time! Live for family, friends, and fun. Leave a good looking corpse! :-)

  5. It really won't matter because I'm getting cremated! I'm just burning it up a little before I get to the big oven. Yes, the beach is where I feel the best. So sorry that Dixie Beach is not what is sounds like! LOL I would move to maybe Destin but I would be so far away from all my family and friends. Thought about it more than once though.