Saturday, December 26, 2009

Use Your X-Mas Money Wisely

I'm still working on "My Perfect World", so that blog will have to wait to be posted. What I want to impart unto you on this day is how you should spend your holiday booty/take/pull/bones/cash....whatever. These are items I may or may not own, which isn't the point. They either are great or might be great.

Music: Here are some high quality albums every music lover should own

Pleased To Meet Me: The Replacements (think alternative Rolling Stones)
Rubber Soul: The Beatles  (one of the best albums ever)
Dark Side Of The Moon:  Pink Floyd  (it's an album, listen to it all, not just the hits)
I Feel Alright:  Steve Earle (first album after his release from prison, classic)
Sky Blue Sky:  Wilco  (the best band you've likely never heard of)
Evil Urges: My Morning Jacket (great local band that's made it BIG)
Best Of Frank Sinatra: Frank Sinatra (classics from a classic crooner)
Strangers Almanac:  Whiskeytown (Ryan Adams best record, real country)
I've Always Been Crazy:  Waylon Jennings (his last great album)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere: Neil Young (this or "Harvest", you can't go wrong)

Movies: Great films that you must least twice, and get a blu-ray player already!

The Shining (not just a horror film, it's psychological)
The Big Lebowski (I've seen it 20's that funny)
Vanilla Sky (what if you could live on after you die? what if it went wrong?)
Tropic Thunder (Downey and Cruise are awesome and wickedly hilarious)
The Union (what you should know...)
Forrest Gump (an epic film with lots of passion and heart)
Millers Crossing (one of the best gangster films...EVER)
It's A Wonderful Life (great acting, great story)
Field Of Dreams (not REALLY about baseball, it's about relationships)
The Godfather & Godfather 2 (and you already know this, man!)
Old Yeller (watch it with your kids, laugh, cry, learn)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, enough said)
Heat (DeNiro and Pacino together)

Books: I love to read and I read a lot of different stuff

Ragamuffin Gospel: Brennan Manning  (if you are a believer and haven't read it, do so)
Ball Four: Jim Bouton (great book on baseball and what happens behind the scenes)
The Shining: Stephen King (the book and movie are not the same)
The End Of Faith: Sam Harris (compelling book on why religion needs to go)
Cash: Johnny Cash (tells you a lot about his life and people who were in and out of it)

Other Stuff

Blu-Ray/DVD Player (if you own a high def TV and watch HAVE to have one)

Acoustic Guitar (it's time you learned to play an instrument)

PS3 (you can play games, watch movies/blu-ray, store and play pictures, video and music, surf the web, access your's the ultimate home entertainment system)

Popcorn Machine (come on, admit, you always wanted one)

So there you have it. My post-Christmas list for you. Of course, you could always get your favorite blogger a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy or Indie's Chicken. Take care, hope you all had a great Christmas.  

"Money don't matter tonight, it sure didn't matter yesterday. And just when you think you got more than enough, that's when it all up and flies away."--- Prince

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  1. Yes, I have always wanted a popcorn machine but never seem to buy one. As for the movies, Forrest Gump has to be one of my all time favorites. Sixteen Candles & The Breakfast Club are right up there too.